26 feb thurs

[where: 1000 van ness, 94109]


i forgot to mention that the van ness location of crunch has, uh… crunch-ed.

it’s closing it’s doors permanently on march 15th.  at first, i didn’t think much of it. i’d just go to one of the other gyms.  (there are 6 or so in SF).  but as i thought about it some more… i realized that i have a community of people who i “know” at the gym.

i don’t actually talk to any of them, but i have names for them: Latino Guy who smells like Snuggle; Guy with Fernet Hat, Yoga Guy, Jocelyn Wildenstein; the Pogue; mustache guy; Chatty Brit; Guy Who Talks A Lot; Server Girl; Crutches Guy.  i could go on and on and on.

even though i never talk to them, i see them a few times a week. sometimes more, sometimes less.  i definitely see them more than i see my family.  and sometimes i see them more than i see my friends.  weird.

where is this community gonna go? it’s disbanding. and will i see these people again?  what if they decide to change gyms? more importantly, which crunch location will become my new “home” crunch?

it sucks ass that this crunch location is closing. this is the only one that’s not smack in the middle of the marina or the financial district.  why the hell did they decide to grow so quickly?  did they have to open the location on unions st in cow hollow?  no.  and the other locations suck.  there’s no steam room.  at the Montgomery one, the bathroom stalls are enormous.  for what? to take up space? i could go on and on and on about why i’ll miss my “home” crunch.  it’s true that all the locations have their own personalities.  and i liked the van ness one the most.  sure, i could go to another location, but this one was only 3 blocks away from my apt.

also, in a somewhat-related note, i also realized that the slightly mentally disabled young kid who works as a locker room attendant will be out of a job soon.  where will he work? i don’t want him to be out of a job.

it’s sad to watch the crunch community slowly disintegrate right before my eyes.   (o_o)


2 Responses to “crunch-less”

  1. why is it closing?

  2. It closed because Crunch management is stupid…they could have easily raised rates by a few dollars and most would gladly have paid, but NO, lets just close it. It was the least profitable, since it was the largest and had the most oldest members, paying the lowest monthly fees.

    As you can tell from their other gyms, Crunch is moving toward a new business model — namely, small cramped gyms with tiny or no locker rooms and few if any other services. BLECH!!! I’d give Equinox a shot, before deciding whether to stay with Crunch.

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