the evils of facebook

wed 18 february

everyone’s panties are in an uproar about facebook’s new terms of service.

all these pantie screamers are missing the point. if you don’t want others to claim rights to your pics/docs/status updates/etc.  then DON’T POST THEM ONLINE IN THE FIRST PLACE.

yes, we as a society are all about over-sharing: via blogs, social networking, and twitter–but isn’t this the main point of these online tools? to overshare?

and now, suddenly you feel your privacy has been violated?

and you didn’t feel your privacy was violated after posting pics of yourself being so so so so drunk at the halloween party/bay-to-breakers/weekend in vegas that you don’t remember any of them?

and your list of “25 random things” that you posted on your profile–you were so quick to share that with the 175 million users.

i say, get over it.  if you don’t want people seeing your business: you shouldn’t be posting it online for the world to look at.

i’m considering deleting my facebook page.  i don’t need all these random classmates/workmates/friends-of-friends who i haven’t heard from in 10+ years to contact me and decide that we’re BFFs, because we’re not.

but… i secretly love to check facebook for the status updates.

perhaps i’ll slowly divorce myself from facebook. i haven’t checked since yesterday. we’ll see how that goes.


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