amateur night

14 feb.

valentine’s day. another amateur night.  the few times during the year when people decide that they should go out.  there are several throughout the year:  new year’s eve, st patrick’s day, valentine’s day, and to some extent thanksgiving and mother’s day.

it’s been amateur night all weekend at theHotel.

i’m glad i don’t work at theRestaurant anymore, but in some ways, the drama is even worse at theHotel. not only do i have to deal with their dinner plans which they haven’t made yet, but also arrange for flower delivery/champagne/choc/etc. etc. etc., and listen to them complain that they don’t have a view of the golden gate bridge/ocean/skyline from their room, etc. etc. etc.

and all the drama that will surely unfold:

disappointment from the girlfriend because she was expecting a marriage proposal. her annoyed boyfriend, because he really doesn’t wanna marry her at all.

couples who’ve been together for too long–so long that they can’t stand being with each other, but have no choice but to stay together–will be staying at the hotel in a desperate, last-chance attempt to kick-start their relationship, which will eventually, fail miserably.

the new relationship-ed couple who want their first valentine’s day to be perfect perfect perfect.  and she will be furious when it doesn’t play out exactly as she’d planned out in her head.  (future bridezilla)

and i’ll be in the middle of it all, at the concierge desk.

hopefully, it won’t be so bad.  as long as people don’t ask me to make reservations for them at 8pm tonight, it should be fine.

glad i’m off all next week!


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