faberge and el raigon

thurs 12 feb.

went to the Legion of Honor last night with Annie and JNayNay.

it turned out to be a concierge event.  sponsored by Where? magazine. and many from the concierge community were there: i spotted Flo; The Guy from the JW; The Woman with Short Hair; and the Asian Guy.

food was very typical.  mini burgers.  because everybody must serve mini burgers lately. grilled cheese with mushroom.  and some sort of pasta.  although the food was typical, it was surprisingly tasty.

the exhibit itself was okay.  i’m sure there are lots of people who’d be really interested in looking at overly-decorated pieces of jewelry.

actually, i really enjoyed the ultra-adorned cigarette cases.

later, we took the shuttle bus back, and had dinner at El Raigon. Argentine steak house.  good times! Ribeye for me.

i heart the server there.  he reminded me of Borracho. they’re both chubby and latino, and smiley.  later, the girls and i decided that he was a latino version of Bruce.  i love love love Bruce. he’s so very happy. and very very fronch. and loves to talk to guests about wine.  which is excellent, because i do not like talking about wine.

oh, and we did get wine. malbec.  of course!

in an interesting turn of events, i ran into 2 guests from the Hotel. they spotted me after dinner, and we exchanged hellos and hugs. we’re totally BFF because i suggested several places for them to go the other night. (The Restaurant was one of them)   and they ended up going there.  and they loved it. they’ve been living large for the past few nights.  and they mentioned other restaurants that they’d be going to. Zuni, Slanted Door, Heaven’s Dog, etc.

me: wow, you guys are living large while you’re here in SF!

them: well, it’s on the company.

me: oh, what company do you guys work for?

them: we work for the federal government.

me: oh, so these are my tax dollars at work!

all of us:  ((laughing))

later this evening, i found out that they’re clerks, traveling with Judge T.  in an even more interesting turn of events, i set up a car service for Judge T the other morning.  and he mentioned that he was going to the Court of Appeals, with two law clerks.  and that’s who they were.  somewhat confusing story, and not very interesting, but interesting to me nonetheless.

good times.

[where: 510 union, 94133]


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