pop! ouch!

it started out as a little, inocuous pimple.

then it got bigger.

and it got bigger. and more tender.

and it hurt.

oh, and did i mention that this pimple was on my right butt cheek?

::  waiting for laughing to subside ::

i know.

go ahead. continue laughing.

fast forward to 5days later. the doc gives me some antibiotics, and it should clear up in 2-3 days.

fast forward 3 days.  still tender, and now even bigger.  and spreading out in all directions.  it hurts to sit/walk/stand/move.  it hurts!

back to the doc. he takes a swab of the offending pus that has started to leak out.  (eeeeeew!)

tells me that it’s a sebaceous cyst.  and it’s quite common.

i can take different antibiotics, or get it opened and drained.  i opt for the latter.  (this thing is interfering with my life!)

it’s wednesday.  i go to a surgeon. (wow, really?) he cuts it open, drains it, and packs it in with gauze.  tells me to change the packing gauze in the am.

this morning. i try to change the dressing, and change the packing gauze.


i try to slowly pull out the twisted packed-in gauze.

…and proceed to almost faint in my bathroom.

i realize that i am in need of a professional.

so i walk over to the ER.

it’s just a few blocks up.

(and quite luxurious, actually.)

ER doc takes a look at my wound. and pulls out the twisted packing gauze wick.

(i almost pass out again from the pain)

to my horror, the twisted packing gauze wick is about 2 inches long.

(GASP!)  my wound is 2 inches deep!?

glad i went to the ER.

currently at home. laughing that all this drama stemmed from a seemingly inocuous pimple.

how wrong i was.


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