b star

[where 127 clement, 94118]

after filling myself with somewhat-boring-and overwhelming culture at the de Young, me and CrazyCzech went to BStar on clement st.

it was pretty good.


my feeling on fusion: you can usually get more authentic stuff, if you go to a place that specializes in it.  i.e., rather than a combination of california/vietnamese/french/latino/chinoise fusion, you should go to each respective genre, and you’ll get far better food.

but i digress.

it was almost empty when we got there.  granted, it was 2pm.  but we passed by burma superstar, a few minutes prior, and it was hoppin.

the server was super skinny.  buff arms. but i couldn’t get over how skinny he was.  helped me realize that i need to go to the gym more.

i had some sort of salmon rice ocho something with green tea broth (which turned out to be a pot of steaming hot green tea). kick-ass!

CrazyCzech had some soup/salad combo.  i think it was the green tea leaf salad. i thoroughly enjoyed the few bites i had.


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