industry people can be a little weird

thurs 29 jan.

so i went to a concierge event the other night. it was dinner at Palio. i met some other concierges.  a lot of them have been doing this for years and years and years. as a reult of which, they all know each other.

i felt like an intruder. some were friendly to me, others, uh, weren’t unfriendly, but more, uh, shall we say, indifferent.

what i discovered, mostly, is that concierges like to peacock their successes, their connections, travel experience, or weird things like their clothing choices. i know i’m not explaining myself very well. but many of them are weird.  trust.

i got a little gossip while there, of course.  business is slow all across the city. many people were asking me about my pay structure, and if i worked completely on commission, or i had a supplemental wage.  i was a bit surprised at this, until i figured out that many of these concierges are “contractual employees”.  so they don’t actually work for the property that they represent.  (no wonder some of them are so pompous–they’re overcompensating)

i didn’t stay very long, because at theHotel, Jin was busy doing her best impression of a bulimic, and i got called in to cover the rest of her shift.

and wed, i got called in to both jobs.

and today is my remaining day off.  and i’m gonna do my laundry.

woo hoo. excitement at every moment!


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