ri¢h and famou$

i got free tix to this play.  but i was dreadfully ill all last week. i was well enough to see it on the final night that free conicerge tix were available, but, of course, i was working, so i gave them to HomeSlice and Czechxican.

they enjoyed it. but i’m not really sure what it’s about.

i was working, so they stopped by the desk afterwards and gave me the full report.  and i still don’t know what it’s about.

they wanted to go to Gitane. when they got there it was closed.

so they ended up at Colibri.  i met up with them for a drink afterwards.

it took a really long time to get a drink.  (what is it with suck-ass bartenders in this town?) i realize that it’s the end of the night (10pm) for you, but you’re still open for business.  and you’d think you’d wanna make some money since you have to be there anyway–whatever.

where was i going with this…?

oh, HomeSlice and Czechxican.  they’re funny. it’s hard to go into details about how they’re funny.  but they just are.  trust.

we re-hashed stories about how Czechxican constantly runs into CrazyCzech, sometimes on consecutive days. and the stories of NewYear’sEve at GaryDanko. they are so going to be BFF soon.

um… i thought this post was going somewhere, but clearly it’s not.



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