sat 10 jan

[where: 560 divisadero, 94117]

i hung out with HomeSlice the other night. (thurs 01.08.09)
we went to nopa.

but first, let me backtrack.

our original plan was to have a drink at minibar on Divisidero.  (oh, and according to the yelp!ers, it’s no longer called the Divisadero Corridor, it’s called “the ‘dero”, bitches!)

minibar, as the name implies, is a teeny place. but more importantly, they have a full-on liquor license.  bring it on!  i very much dislike places that are unable to obtain their full-on liquor license, and try to pass off “soju” cocktails as the real stuff.   (….uh, no. soju is not similar to vodka.)

we met at minibar after each of us went to our respective gyms. (btw.  the gym was crazy crowded–more on that in an earlier post) but we didn’t stay, due to time/hunger constraints.

we sat at the bar, as homeslice enjoys bar seating vs. table seating.  i dunno why.  i just go with it.

calamari? kick ass.

mashed up fish with potato served in a little ramekin w/ bread? kick ass

duck confit?  pretty good.

chicken?  really it’s just chicken.  but it was kick ass.

to drink i had something called a blood and sand: scotch/sweetvermouth/cherry heering(?)  (basically a modified robroy. but still kick-ass)

i think we had dessert, too.  it was a blood orange upside down cake.  i’m a chocolate fiend, so anything non-chocolate is wasted on me.  i can’t tell if it’s good or bad.

(sidebar: i’ve noticed that my sense of smell is compromised.  does that mean my sense of taste is compromised as well?  probably.)

there’s so much on the menu that i wanna eat.  we decided that we’re gonna come back every two weeks, so that eventually, we’ll be able to try everything we ever wanted and more.

however, it was expensive as fuck.  my share was $80.  normally, not so much, but at this new job i’m making about half as much as before, so $80 is a ton of cash.

good times.


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