new year’s eve.  amateur night. hundreds of women teetering around in sky high heels, wearing teeny tiny dresses, the amount of fabric of which is roughly equivalent to the size of a cocktail napkin.

got offa work at 11pm.  met marky at bacchus kirk.  good times.  slow-as-fuck bartenders.  (wtf. why is it so hard to find good bartenders in this town?)

marky hit the wall at about 1am. so we said our goodbyes. and i stopped into owl tree.  it was crowded as fuck, so i continued on to soluna. 

soluna was good times.  i met a lotta people!  some dancing. drinking, etc.

i had enough sense to leave after drink #2.  it was about 1:30 when i was walking home. 

suddenly feeling hungry, i got a slice of pizza.  when i turned around, suddenly, there were a bazillion people in line behind me.

glad i got there when i did.

this morning. no hangover. no depression.

i’ve finally learned how to drink!  excellent way to start off 2009. 


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