and i’m on my knees, looking for the answer

13 dec sat

i’m still hoarse.

wed we went to karaoke.

thurs was NSSN.

last night i went to the Killers at the Whorefield.

i feel like Brandon might be a Jesus freak or something.  “and I”m on my knees, looking for the answer”… and, “he doesn’t look a thing like Jesus, but he, talks like a gentleman”… and there’s another one that i can’t remember right now.

my voice is shot.

work is gonna be very interesting tonight.

right.  so on to the show. a little different than thursday night at NSSN. more off the new album this time. (which i still haven’t bought. dammit.)

more crowded, but it’s a smaller venue, so that’s to be expected.

there were lotsa guys there with their girlfriends. and the guys were standing behind their girls, in “protection mode”. their arms wrapped around the girls waist, making sure she didn’t get bumped or jostled. it was verrrry irritating.

during “Human”, most of the floor started jumpin up n down. except the boys in “protection mode” of course.  why do people go to a concert to just stand there? if they’re so concerned about being bumped or jostled around, why don’t they go up to the balcony and get a seat?

at one point (i think it was during Mr. Brightside) i got tossed around and ended up in front of a few couples, and was promptly shoved back.  hm. these couples can be quite territorial, can’t they?


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