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cardio karaoke

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11 dec thurs.

my voice is hoarse.

me and j and jnaynay and marky were planning to go ice skating last night, but, oh, did our plans change.

i think the session was sold out, or oversold, or overcrowded or something.  we met up at foley’s to discuss a game plan.  cardio karaoke it was.

but first, some libations (in the form of tequila) to stretch out the vocal cords.  it was a damn fine tequila, too. thanks J .

then to eat. J had the brilliant idea of going to the nearby Cheesecake Factory, for some milkshakes with booze in them. since i am now a concierge, i called ahead, and pretended that i was sending guests over with my business card. cheesecake puts concierge referrals to the front of the queue.  our quoted wait time was 15 minutes, vs. 90 minutes.  and we were sat in about 5min.  good times.

cheesecake is such a weird place. the food is so poorly manufactured, yet it consistently has a 60+ minute wait.

we sat outside on the patio. it was lovely, overlooking union square, tree lights, ice skating rink, and the union square hotels. now to further prepare for our singing/screaming performance.

we loaded up on booze for the karaoke place.  the place in japantown we go to is the kind where you rent a little room and sing/scream/shout/release your inner rockstar to your hearts desire.  they don’t serve booze, but they look the other way if you BYOB.

we loaded up on champagne, teeny tiny nips of vodka, and rum.

cardio karaoke lasted for 3+ hours.

we sang.

we screamed.

we power ballad-ed.

me and marky professed our dying love to each other during “burning flame” by the bangles.

me and jnaynay stripteased to “celebrity” by nsync

we shouted our way through “living on a prayer”, and rejoiced and had a religious upheaval during “like a prayer”.  screamed our way through “dancing queen”  (with a tambourine, thank you)

at one point we weren’t even using our mics, we were jumping up n down on the couch screaming at the top of our lungs.

it’s no wonder that i’m hoarse this morning. good times.

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