sun 7 dec 2008

i went out on thurs dec 4,  to a couple of events.  first one was a concierge holiday party sponsored by grey line tours.  (not that i ever book any tours with them or anything, but i’ll gladly drink their free booze and eat their free food!) and now, maybe i’ll start to book some tours with them. it’s true. i’m a whore for free stuff sometimes.

it was at bistro boudin at the wharf. the location is touristy as fuck, but it makes sense–it’s a tour company.

one of the first things i noticed is that there were lots and lots of asian people there.  maybe chinese from what i could gather. (the stereotype–that chinese people love free stuff, regardless of what the hell it is, as long as it’s free–seems true.)

it was a pretty big deal.  about 15 wineries were there pouring wine tastes. all gratis. food was shrimp cocktail, and mussels, and clams, and seafood shooters, and little chicken-salad-on-crostini-things, and mini bacon cheezeburgers.  not great, but i ain’t complain about free food.

as i schmoozed and walked around and all that stuff, i noticed a lot of filipino people in attendance.  the hotel industry is full of us. and many of us are very short.  but these folk were shorter than usual. i felt like Gulliver in Lilliput.

oh, and then it was prize time.  and oh, the prizes! so many of them! seems like almost everyone won a prize.  it was like kindergarten.  of course, i won a magnum, and i don’t drink wine!  (it’s gonna make excellent schpritzers!)  CrazyCzech won a gift certificate to a restaurant at pier39 where the other CrazyCzech and i used to work!  hilarious!

soon after prizes were awarded, i high-tailed it outta there to my other event.  this one was a young alumni mixer from my alma mater.  being that i went to school on the east coast, there aren’t so so many of us around, but i find that the ones i do meet, are ex-pats from the east coast.

this event was on the other side of town, at Mr.Smiths on 7th st.  i got there kinda late.  and was supposed to meet J. but she had already left.  (Frank and Marky couldn’t make it.) i sat at the bar, and ordered a drink.  immediately people started talking to me. a new grad (2008!) and her boyfriend.

i really don’t remember what the hell transpired, but i do remember meeting someone who works at Apple. and of course we became BFF.

and this is where it gets hazy…

i woke up in my bed the next morning. i was so disoriented.
strangely, without a hangover.

a quick inventory check finds my wallet/keys/cellphone/man-bag (with magnum still intact!)

i have no recollection of how nor when i arrived home.

i check my drunken txts. apparently i txtd w JNay-Nay about her future boyfriends that i had just met.

did i go to another bar and drink some more? i am crazy.

more txts reveal that i was a bacchus. i think. (kinda makese sense, because Kimmy works there sometimes)

but i have no recollection of being at bacchus.  i must cease this crazy habit of beginning my drinking night at 6pm.

it was time to go to my day job at soluna, so i shower and get dressed.  i’m very early.  uh… i have no idea where the hell i left my bike.  i look at the bike rack in the basement. nothing.  the bike racks/street signs/parking meters outside of my building. nothing.

maybe i really did go to bacchus?

so i walk there. nothing.

one more place to check. outside of Mr Smiths.

i start walking. the bright morning sun beats down on my jacket, and warms my neck and shoulders.  **inhale** it’s so very different in the morning.

i arrive at MrSmiths. and found my bike locked at the corner “no parking” sign. right where i left it.

well, at least i had enough sense not to Cycle While Intoxicated.


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