concierge. at your service

sunday 30 nov

working at theHotel is so much different than working at theRestaurant.

-i don’t get fed.

-drinking alcohol on the job is frowned upon.

-i don’t move from my spot for almost 8 hours.

-there’s lotsa talking involved.

-i get an ACTUAL break, whether i want it or not.  it’s required!

-sexual harassment is also frowned upon.

-once my shift is over, i clock out. they don’t want me to stay any longer than necessary.  they’re afraid of overtime.

– i get health/dental/vision/vacation/401k benefits!

-i don’t make nearly as much $$ as i used to.

-it’s still somewhat stressful, although differently so.

-guests still complain a lot.

-i get lotsa free stuff thrown at me:  theatre tix, restaurant invites, event openings, spa/salon services.

-no hablo mucho espanol con nadie.  pero ngayon, nguusap kami ng mga bellmen ng tagalog.


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