drinkin with theRestaurant boyz

sun 30 nov

it was monday night before thanksgiving. i was on my 30min break and i ran in to Sy. he had just come from Foley’s with Alistair and HisWife.  we chatted for a bit, and he told me to drop by McT, the bar he works.  later during my shift, i get a txt from Alistair, asking me how i’ve been since i left theRestaurant. blah blah blah.

i tell him i ran into Sy, and i’m gonna go to McT after i get offa work.  Alistair is already at McT, so we agree to meet there.

flash forward to McT.  me and Alistair drink till close.  and i totally don’t remember paying my check, or if i paid it at all. yowzers. (tuesday i was hung over.  went for the best burgers ever. but that’ll be a different post.)

fast-forward to thursday, thanksgiving night. my shift ended at theHotel, and i stop in at McT, to make sure that i actually paid my tab from the previous night.  Sy greets me with a CrownRoyal+soda.  “((**sigh**)) dammit, this could be a long night”, i think to myself.

he asks me if the boys (from theRestaurant) are on their way. i hadn’t talked to any of ’em, and Sy told me to txt theBrit.

about 15 minutes later, they all arrive: theBrit, DG, RobRoy, Jacko.

i don’t know what we talked about. i don’t know what we did. i know we drank a lot. i was somehow able to dodge the shots of fernet, and/or tequila that made the rounds.

and this time i paid my tab.

i heart theRestaurant boyz.

good times.


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