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beware of dog. thx.

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thanksgiving weekend was somewhat drama-filled at theHotel. yes, it was kinda full, but mostly with local-ish people who were visiting family, OR, entire families staying at theHotel.  It was funny to watch them congregate in the lobby, getting ready to travel to meet Aunt So-And-So in Orinda.   stress levels were set to “orange alert”, with meltdown not far behind.

along with the stress of seeing your family-you-don’t-really-like-but-you-still-have-to-spend-time-with-them-because-they’re-your-family.  tempers were very short, and complaints were frequent.

i’m glad that i don’t work the front desk.  phones were ringing constantly. “we don’t like our room”, “do you have any better rooms?”, “i need extra pillows”, “i thought this place has free wireless” (it does), “it’s cold in here”, “it’s too noisy”, “we requested a dog bed”, “we need dog bowls”, “there’s a dog barking somewhere nearby”…

which brings me to…

dogs.  our four-legged friends.  theHotelGroup is pet-friendly.  for some reason, i’d say about 30% of the guests decided to bring their dogs.  yes plural.  DOGS.  yapping, noisy, shedding, slobbering dogs. i felt like we were at a kennel.

and when many guests left their dogs unattended in the room when they went out to dinner, (which most of them did), it was mayhem.  because the dogs were in an unfamiliar environment, AND they could probably smell other dogs around, there was constant whimpering/barking/snarling/growling/yelping/howling.

i didn’t have to field most of these phone calls, but i got some of them.  irritating.

mostly, i had to suggest restaurants for foreign people who don’t celebrate Thanksgiving.  these folks were probably wondering why we crazy americans make such big deal about the pilgrims stealing land from/taking over–the native american people, and then celebrating such by mass over-consumption.  “no wonder americans are overweight”, they must think to themselves.

theRestaurant in theHotel provided us with a turkey dinner.  so that was cool.  i’m never one to complain about a free meal.

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