thurs 16 osc-tober

i was luxuriating in GG park yesterday, when J txtd me.

“happy hour?”  was the message.

after much back n forth, we went to Namu in the inner richmond.  they have a happy hour of sorts.  grill menu, sake flights, appetizers, etc.

food was excellent.  mushroom dumplings!  bacon wrapped enoki mushrooms! chicken wings!  pork meatballs!

then we went out for a drink.

i’ve always said that my 2nd favorite neighborhood is the inner richmond, and want to make it a more regular stop on my nights out.

we go to the buckshot.

it’s basically a dive bar. dive bar food.  dive bar drinks.  a video game here and there. pool table. darts. and skee ball!  STFU!!

i knew i’d love it there.

and drinks are really cheap.  $3 for a pint, $6 for a mixed drink. i could hardly believe it.  (i should start hanging out at dive bars again. it’s way better on the wallet!)

i could go on and on about how much i love it there. but i won’t.

it was totally fun though.

i’ll definitely be back.

i just don’t know when.  i’ll have to take the bus there after work.  luckily, it’s on the 38Geary, which runs all night.  and now that i’m well-versed in nextmuni.com  it’ll be excellent!

good times.


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