urban tablehopper

tues 14 oct

 went to urban tavern with Ro the other day. it’s in the Hilton SF.

the horse sculpture is very ugly. i don’t care if it’s a very famous artist.

on my way to the restroom, i spotted the tablehopper!  STFU! we chatted for a little bit.  we’re totally BFF now.

the space is very… uh, i don’t have the proper words to describe it. very “business meeting” oriented? if you can imagine that.

it’s always busy, day or night, with suits.  suits having cocktails, suits with important business papers strewn all around them, suits having appetizers, suits on their crackberry, suits talking with other suits.  suits suits and more suits.

it’s exactly what the Hilton needs.  because so many of these damn suits come into our restaurant requesting a quiet area for a “business meeting”.

the menu is whatever.  me and ro had very basic food.  caesar salad. she had a kobe style burger (every goddam restuarant has ’em these days!) and i had what was essentially a pizza with proscuitto and artichoke, but it was called a piadini.

i did enjoy my food.

oh, when i ran into the tablehopper, i got nervous.  i don’t know why.  it’s like meeting a celebrity or something. and she’s totally not a celebrity.  but i read her column every week, (and you should, too:  tablehopper.com) so it felt like i met a celebrity.

[where: 333 O’Farrell, 94102]


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