out the door

i met up with HomeSlice today for lunch at the ferry building.  we went to OutTheDoor.  the “to-go” portion of the Slanted Door.  now, i usually describe the Slanted Door as “watered-down-vietnamese-food-for-white-people”.  especially since i can get more real stuff right in my own ‘hood of the tenderloin–er, i mean, “little saigon”, as it’s called by the real estate agents/urban planners.

i ordered a pork meatball sammich.

it was kick-ass.  it’s a schmancy version of the traditional vietnamese sandwich, complete with carrot, peppers, and all that stuff.

we also split the fresh spring rolls.  with prawns and chicken/pork.  the peanut sauce was the best i’ve ever had in my life.

i’m not saying that it’s authentic vietnamese food. i’m just sayin that it’s kick-ass “watered-down-vietnamese-food-for-white-people.”

afterwards, we separated, composted and recycled all our garbage.  we’re so california.

[where: 1 Ferry Building, 94111]


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