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redbull soapbox

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mon 20 oct

[where: dolores park, san francisco, CA]

it was sunday.  sunny enough not to need a jacket, and even more sunny in dolores park.  a perfect day to watch the RedBull SoapBox Race.

Dolores Park was jam-packed with spectators.

i didn’t quite understand the concept of the “performance” aspect. usually the drivers performed small “skits” before they jumped into their homemade go-karts.


the crashes were fun to watch.



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thurs 16 osc-tober

i was luxuriating in GG park yesterday, when J txtd me.

“happy hour?”  was the message.

after much back n forth, we went to Namu in the inner richmond.  they have a happy hour of sorts.  grill menu, sake flights, appetizers, etc.

food was excellent.  mushroom dumplings!  bacon wrapped enoki mushrooms! chicken wings!  pork meatballs!

then we went out for a drink.

i’ve always said that my 2nd favorite neighborhood is the inner richmond, and want to make it a more regular stop on my nights out.

we go to the buckshot.

it’s basically a dive bar. dive bar food.  dive bar drinks.  a video game here and there. pool table. darts. and skee ball!  STFU!!

i knew i’d love it there.

and drinks are really cheap.  $3 for a pint, $6 for a mixed drink. i could hardly believe it.  (i should start hanging out at dive bars again. it’s way better on the wallet!)

i could go on and on about how much i love it there. but i won’t.

it was totally fun though.

i’ll definitely be back.

i just don’t know when.  i’ll have to take the bus there after work.  luckily, it’s on the 38Geary, which runs all night.  and now that i’m well-versed in  it’ll be excellent!

good times.

haaaaahhh hahahaha!

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OMG.  i LOLd when i saw this.

urban tablehopper

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tues 14 oct

 went to urban tavern with Ro the other day. it’s in the Hilton SF.

the horse sculpture is very ugly. i don’t care if it’s a very famous artist.

on my way to the restroom, i spotted the tablehopper!  STFU! we chatted for a little bit.  we’re totally BFF now.

the space is very… uh, i don’t have the proper words to describe it. very “business meeting” oriented? if you can imagine that.

it’s always busy, day or night, with suits.  suits having cocktails, suits with important business papers strewn all around them, suits having appetizers, suits on their crackberry, suits talking with other suits.  suits suits and more suits.

it’s exactly what the Hilton needs.  because so many of these damn suits come into our restaurant requesting a quiet area for a “business meeting”.

the menu is whatever.  me and ro had very basic food.  caesar salad. she had a kobe style burger (every goddam restuarant has ’em these days!) and i had what was essentially a pizza with proscuitto and artichoke, but it was called a piadini.

i did enjoy my food.

oh, when i ran into the tablehopper, i got nervous.  i don’t know why.  it’s like meeting a celebrity or something. and she’s totally not a celebrity.  but i read her column every week, (and you should, too: so it felt like i met a celebrity.

[where: 333 O’Farrell, 94102]

over the bridge

Posted in san francisco with tags on Wednesday 8 October, 2008 by the Notorious O.S.C.

wed 8 oct

it was sunny the other day (lets say it was monday the 6th).

i decided to get on my bike and ride all over town.
i ended up riding over the Golden Gate bridge.

surprisingly, on the way over to sausalito, it was sunny.

but on the way back, it looked like this:

sunny, but the fog was rolling in.

good times.

out the door

Posted in san francisco on Tuesday 7 October, 2008 by the Notorious O.S.C.

i met up with HomeSlice today for lunch at the ferry building.  we went to OutTheDoor.  the “to-go” portion of the Slanted Door.  now, i usually describe the Slanted Door as “watered-down-vietnamese-food-for-white-people”.  especially since i can get more real stuff right in my own ‘hood of the tenderloin–er, i mean, “little saigon”, as it’s called by the real estate agents/urban planners.

i ordered a pork meatball sammich.

it was kick-ass.  it’s a schmancy version of the traditional vietnamese sandwich, complete with carrot, peppers, and all that stuff.

we also split the fresh spring rolls.  with prawns and chicken/pork.  the peanut sauce was the best i’ve ever had in my life.

i’m not saying that it’s authentic vietnamese food. i’m just sayin that it’s kick-ass “watered-down-vietnamese-food-for-white-people.”

afterwards, we separated, composted and recycled all our garbage.  we’re so california.

[where: 1 Ferry Building, 94111]

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