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are we human? or are we dancer?

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fri 26 sept 2008

[STFU!  how is this month almost over already?  where is my life going?]

i just heard on the radio that Killers tix are going on sale on Sun!  they’re playing here in osc-tober.

they’re also playing in Vegas.  maybe i’ll see them there, too.

click to listen to the new single on last fm



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what the hell have i been doing the past few weeks?  i can’t really remember.

i attended some events.  the symphony opening was a last, last week. and this past thursday was Macy’s Passport event.  AIDS/HIV fundraiser.

the Restaurant was there, and we served fritters, as we always do. it was a fun event.  me and annie went, along with both crazy czechs.

the featured artist was Keith Haring.   i was immediately transported back to the late 80s/early 90s. college.  and mishy moo.  (^_^)

at the fashion show, we ran into Estrella, who used to work at the Restaurant.  she had a VIP pass hanging from her neck.  WTF?!  but it turns out that her roommate works for either Macy’s or AmericanExpress or one of the other sponsors of the event.

back to the fashion show. it was very inspiring. it makes me want to become a supermodel.  thus, it gives me motivation to go to the gym, and actually exercise while i’m there.

Jabbawockeez danced at the fashion show.  Ben Sherman line is kool as fuck.  Calvin Klein ain’t so bad either.  and of course 2xist underwear models stole the show, with their homoerotic display of football jocks.

at the afterparty, the runway models were intermingling with us regular folk.  and i noticed that male models aren’t un-naturally tall, like female models.  these guys were about 6’1″ or so. but they also had kick-ass bodies.  do they spend 8 hours in the gym every day?

judging from their 6pack abs, they must.

the after-party was good times.  free booze, and free stuff. havaianas was one of the sponsors, and i scored a free pair!  the models were hanging around, being model-esque. and totally sitting on couches, in small groups, sipping cocktails, laughing, flirting, cajoling with each other. it was straight out of a photo shoot for “young, fun, fabulous!”

good times!

happy hours well into the next morning

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12 sept Fri

it was a semmingly innocuous wednesday.

it started out pretty tame. i planned to meet up with Marky and Frank for some after-work drinks (well, after-work for them, no-work for me) at Level III.   i’ve been to Level III before. the service still sucks. but the food is pretty good.  RedSox game on tv. i’m not a baseball fan, but Frank & Marky were both into it.

the Girls show up at about 7pm.  they had a reservation at 8pm at Fish&Farm. they joined us for a drink.

they left for dinner.

me Frank and Marky decide to go to Cantina.

and this is where it starts to get fuzzy.

some more drinks there.

by now, theGirls had finished dinner, and were at Swig.  (so i think.  this is what i can piece together from my drunken txts.)

somehow, we end up at swig for a while.  and CrazyCzech is there, too.  i thought it was odd that he was there, but the next day he explained that when he got outta work, he called me and i told him we were going there. (really?  wow.  don’t remember this at all.) i have no idea how long we were there.  and then somehow… we ended up at Slide.

some drama ensued, and Annie was ejected from the cluuuub.

and i don’t remember what happened to Marky.  i think i left him at the cluuuuub with J.

and then somehow, i ended up at home.

but i ran into my neighbor. and he works at the restaurant next door. so i went up to his place and drank beer with him until who knows how late?

i woke up the next morning.

a quick inventory check found my glasses, cell phone, manbag, and wallet still in my possession.


no headache. no hangover.  but feeling very slow and lazy.

it’s hard to drink like you’re still in your 20s.

good times.

[where: 430 mason, 94102]

the hills are alive with gym sightings

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i’ve started going to the gym again recently. yesterday was all about catching up on really bad TV.

the Hills was on.

it’s so stupid.

but of course i watch it.

then i saw FrontDeskGuy. he got fat. very surprising. later i saw him in the locker room shaking up a protein shake of sorts. Guy With Big Nose was lurking about, too. probably looking for someone to accost and talk to.
this morning i saw Fernet Hat Guy, and JocelynWildenstein Anorexic Lady.

turns out that i don’t have to work at the day restaurant today. so i’ve got the day to waste away.

going to the opening of the symphony later. snoozy. off site event for the restaurant.

grease is the word

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i went to the midnight sing-a-long version of Grease tonight. it was playing at the Clay.

now i’ve got all of ’em songs stuck in my head.

i need not mention them here. it was good times. but i can’t get any of those damn songs outta my head. i fear they may take residence in there permanently.

[where: 2261 Fillmore St, 94115]

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