gym sightings

sun 31 aug

it’s labor day weekend.  the rest of the world seems to be off this weekend, but alas, i am working.

i went to the gym. (hello, i’m going to LA next week? must become buff)

it’s interesting to go to the gym at a different time than when you normally do. you see a whole new set of people.

this time, i saw lotsa people who i hadn’t seen in a while.

Guy From Yoga (or do i call him YogaGuy?) talks a lot. i saw him talking to the PornGuys. (one of the PornGuys got his braces off.)  YogaGuy lives near me,  and later when he was on a reverse abs machine, i learned that he’s from Oregon. he was gonna visit his folks there this weekend, then decided not to.  (i wasn’t eavesdropping, he just talks a lot, and sometimes quite loudly.)

also in attendance was JocelynWildenstein Anorexic Lady. still looks the same.

LatinoGuyWhoSmellsLikeSnuggleFabricSoftener also showed up later.

i could go on and on.

but i’ve got errands to run.


One Response to “gym sightings”

  1. Ha, going to the gym at the same time CAN be quite interesting as you see the exact same set of people. It’s almost a relief to mix it up

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