spontaneous side trip via www.nextmuni.com

sun 17 aug

[sidebar: where the hell is this month going? it’s already half over. it’s almost time to pay rent again!?]

it was a little past midnight when i got outta work last night. and i felt like going out, but i didn’t feel like going out. it was strangely foggy–not strange that it was foggy, because after all, it’s august in SF, and it’s usually pretty foggy here at night. but strangely foggy in that it the fog resembled more of a light misty rain.

i walked through the ‘loin and saw the usual parade of drunken kids from the suburbs populate the bars surrounding area west of union square.

i walked to polk st, thinking that i wanted pizza. i got to polk, and realized that i didn’t want pizza. but the 19 bus was coming up the street.

“Beach+Larkin”. flashed the illuminated lights at the forehead of the 19 Polk. i thought for a split second, and hopped on. i was gonna visit my friend Alistair. he’s bartending tonight.

i ride a bicycle and i haven’t been on a bus for several months. it’s not an all together unpleasant experience. it’s way slower than a bike, but much less strenuous.

it was about 12:30 or so, and i was under the impression that this was one of the last buses for the night.

i tapped out www.nextmuni.com on my phone’s browser. after a little navigating, i found the bus line, the stop, and the next scheduled arrivals. according to nextmuni.com there were 3 more buses going back downtown. within about 20 minutes of each other. wow. is this right?

i disembarked at the wharf. the wharf is quite lovely when it’s not jam-packed with overweight tourists. it was a calm night. hardly any wind, and no fog. weird, especially since it was foggy-as-fuck over in the ‘loin.

only a block or so to the bar. i walk in. sparsely populated. nirvana wails from the jukebox. alistair is standing behind the bar with a goofy grin on his face and a look of surprise.

“you’ll never guess who was just here…” he begins.

the story continues of how his parents had surprised him at the bar (they live in Europe! ) just as he had a moment to sit and eat for the first time all day/night. they didn’t tell anyone that they were coming. they just decided to show up!

what it must be like to be so rich…

indeed, very surprising. i’d be a little freaked out if my parents randomly popped into the restaurant one night.

we catch up, chat about nothing, and share a shot creation that he called the “young virgin”.

i remembered that my muni time was tick-tick-ticking. i wanted to use my free bus transfer for the ride home! my phone’s browser said that the next two buses were in xx minutes and xx minutes. i did some quick math, and knew that i should go.

i bid adieu to my oh-so gracious bartender.

i walked the block or so to the bus stop, only to see that i was so early, that i was watching the previous bus pull away from the stop. damn. i’d have to wait another 17 minutes. otherwise, i could walk, but why would i walk uphill, then downhill, then uphill, only to go downhill again?

i check for the 47 bus. i think it’s running owl by now. after all, it’s about 1:30am.

my phone display says that the 47 bus is “arriving”. i’m half a block down the hill, and i still have to turn left once i get to the corner. i see the bus appear, and then take off. dammit. missed it.

i wasn’t angry that i missed it, i was actually kind of excited. the status was correct! nextmuni.com must use satellites to predict when the bus comes!

where was this technology 5+ years ago when i was commuting back n forth on the bus all the time?

technology kicks ass!!

i walked back down to the 19polk bus stop. the last bus was already there, lights off. doors closed. the driver was inside, hangin out waiting for his scheduled departure time.

a few minutes tick by, and i gaze off into towards the Hyde St Piers, and to the darkness surrounding alcatraz. with a crank of the ignition, the bus roars to life, and i embark on my journey home.

from my seat on the bus, i spot lotsa drunken revelers congregating outside bars trying to close up for the night. i was home in a few minutes. and i felt like i’d been on quite an adventure, if only for about an hour.


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