happy hours into night

16 aug

it’s been all about happy hour lately.

wednesday, i went to happy hour with annie, frank, mickey.

we started at Ponzu.  their happy hour is pretty good, although it only lasts till 6pm.  kobe burgers, prawn something-or-other, and ahi tuna.

had some cocktails, too.

then we moved on to…  uh…  Bacchus.

there’s a kick-ass jukebox!
we played billiards. it’s amazing how much better your billiards skills are before several cocktails.

some more talking, hanging out, laughing, and then we moved on to the next place.

it was Bigfoot Lodge.

this is where it gets a little hazy.

Annie decided that she was crashing at my place.

more talking, laughing, professing our love for each other, hanging out, etc. ensued.

and then suddenly we were hungry.

next stop:  Grubstake

i think i had another beer there.

annie didn’t crash at my place.  i think she may have taken a cab home.

the next day, thursday, was happy hour as well.

this time with D, visiting from Colorado. he just married a different CrazyCzech.
we started at roots.  they claim to have a rooftop garden, which they do.  but there’s no food/beverage service up there.

we go to Level III. it’s a new bar/lounge/restaurant/lobby/conference room/registration area in the JWMarriott.

it’s a weird space.  everything kinda flows into everything else.  it’s strange that tvs are tucked away into little nooks, where you can have food, or lounge around.

are we at the bar? are we in the lobby? are we at the registration desk?  all questions that begged to be answered.  and the answer.  yes.

happy hour prices are excellent. mac n cheese; mini kobe burgers; truffle (?) fries. all for about $4 (?).

cocktails are incredibly inventive. created by some doofus mixologist who works at Elixir.

service is kinda suck-ass.  suck-ass meaning non-existent.  no one ever approached us to serve us. we had to go to the bar.  not necessarily a travesty.  it probably has something to do with the way the bar/lounge/lobby/registration area/conference room/restaurant is set up.  how do the servers know if we need food/beverage service? they don’t. for all they know, we could be waiting in the lobby, or trying to check in…   see how it’s weird?

[where: 1750 Polk St, 94109]

[where: 1525 Pine St, 94109]

[where: 401 Taylor, 94102]

[where: 500 Post, 94102]


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