spontaneous drinking

it was wednesday morning when my phone buzzed. it was a twitter update. i figured it was one of the random people i was following.  nope.  it was from Spontaneous Drinking Night. it’s a group i found on facebook.  they’re by the folks who bring you digg.com

(i think)

anyway.  what the hell did i do on wednesday that took up the better part of my day?

oh, i went to the farmer’s market.  got lotsa fruit. and honey. and eggs. and some other stuff that i can’t think of right now.

afterwards, i decided that i needed to go to trader joe’s. i bought tons more stuff there.  AND, i brought my own bags. i’m so damn green. i’m totally saving the world, one plastic bag at a time.  think global, act local.  that’s me.

whatever.  back to my story…  focus!

this particular spontaneous drinking night event was held at the House of Shields on new montgomery st. i’ve never been to one before. and i was long overdue.

so i sent out a mass invite on facebook.  and JNayNay went with me.

the concept of the event is fun. drinking mid-week, with usually only a few hours notice beforehand.

when i got there, everyone was super-friendly.  lotsa greetings exchanged, as if we knew each other, when clearly we didn’t.

me and JNayNay talked a bit, and it was incredibly easy to start talking to people.

sidebar: i decided to be spontaneous and drink beer!  it was a boddington’s.

we met Talktative Lady. she’s a writer of sorts.  she was going to see the dark knight at 10pm. whatever.  then she ran into someone she knew. some guy.  he looked Persian.  (later, i found out i was right!)  blah blah blah. one thing led to another, and he mentioned that he’s looking for a nice persian girl.

fast forward to conversations about OwnerGuy is persian, and has a sister.  i suggested that he probably knew the family already. (he claims he didn’t). after much  and eventually, i gave him my card.  he’s totally gonna stalk us at the Restaurant. and i think he’s gonna drop in, to find out more about Owner’s Sister

so basically, we pimped out Owner’s Sister. uh oh.

but good times, nonetheless.

afterwards, we ditched Talkative Lady, and went to eat at Chevy’s.  more drinks.  this time margaritas. and food.

i suppose i eventually made my way home?

[where: 39 New Montgomery St, 94105]


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