industry night

one of the many things i like about living in California, is that the bars close at 2am.  thus, last call is about 1:45am, and in some places, even earlier.  this allows you to get to bed at a somewhat reasonable hour, except when you’re partying with other industry folk at a bar where they happen to be the owners.

all bets are off.

saturday night. not so busy at work.  didn’t have anything planned afterwards.  NayNay calls up the restaurant and invites everyone over there for a party. several people celebrating birthdays.

“why the hell not?”, i think to myself.

me and RobRoy get there about 12:30, after we finish up at work.  there’s a bunch of people i kinda know. but more people that i don’t know.  i start with a ketel citroen + soda.

the bartenders are a husband/wife team.  i don’t know why i’m telling you this. it has nothing to do with anything.  my brain is still scrambled from all the alcohol.

so whatever, i’m totally hangin out, drinking, meeting new people, talking with the ones i already know, etc. etc.

i check my cell phone. it’s just about 2am.

one of the kitchen guys i’m talking to tells me that he has to get to his janitor job at 4am.

cool.  lotsa time.

next thing i know, it’s past 3am.

and i’m still drinking. talking. laughing.

and then suddenly it’s 4am.

what the fuck am i still doing drinking at 4am?

it took a while to get outta there, say goodbyes, etc.

from what i can piece together, it was almost 5:30am when i got home.

i woke up on sunday afternoon at 1pm. still dizzy.

made it to work by about 3:30pm

the rest of the night was spent re-hydrating.

and monday? still a little slow.

**sigh**     i’m not 24 anymore.


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