Gilroy and theCruz

Garlic garlic garlic.

garlic ice cream, garlic sausage, garlic fries, garlic chicken.

no vampires in sight.

it’s really damn hot in Gilroy. i hit some thrift stores, and became bored with the whole sitch. next stop, theCruz.

luxuriated by seacliff beach for a while.

then headed downtown. ate a little, went shopping (bought nothing). went to the boardwalk to play some video games. it’s fun to watch kids play Dance Dance Revolution!

later, i had this vision that i was gonna watch the sun set into the ocean. my plans were otherwise thwarted, due to the fact that for some reason, the sun doesn’t set into the ocean, but behind you, behind he hills. theCruz must not face directly west.

the boardwalk was trashy as hell. i’ve never seen so many neck tattoos in my life!

i walked the main drag of theCruz, and got a cookie. then i realized that it was almost 9pm, and i had to meet HomeSlice back in SF. we were supposed to go out that night.

after much txting back n forth, it turns out we didn’t go anywhere. which is just as well, because i was tired as fuck.


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