employment, finances and housing

changes going on at work.

manager full time. no more waiting tables as of Aug 1. it’s okay. waiting tables makes me a little crazy.
but then again, so does managing. and so does working in general. **sigh**

along with the new position comes a change in pay structure. since my income varies, i’ll be put on a straight salary. although i’ll be working more. but i get paid vacation. but no health insurance. **sigh**

one day i’ll have an actual job with actual verified income. one day…

still looking for a condo. talked to a lender yesterday. it’s LadyF’s friend. he looks a lot like theOwner. they must all be of the same nationality. anyway, loan rules are pretty stringent at the moment. i haven’t looked for housing in the last few weeks. been busy dealing with my employment situation.

and GM is away all next week. i’m glad i’m off for 3 days next week…

i want to find a new situation.

and in other news, why are all of a sudden so many random HS people friending me on facebook?


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