drowsy chaperone

thurs 24 july

STFU. i’m testing new blogging software via flickr!

went to see the Drowsy Chaperone last night with HomeSlice.

suprisingly, it was funny. and entertaining.

it starts with some guy sitting in an apt. and he’s got the blues. when he hass the blues, he usually listens to records. and the record he pulls out is The Drowsy Chaperone soundtrack.

he puts on the record, the stage commes to life, and the musical starts!

the whole while, he’s still on stage, sitting in his “apartment”, and the musical is going on around him.

every so often, he’ll pause to insert an interesting factoid about the actors, or answer the phone, or explain some sort of situation, or story.

the musical is set in 1928 during prohibition.
costumes are excellent.

there’s some tap dancing involved, too. it was very inspiring.

i think i want to learn how to tap dance. and HomeSlice tells me that she used to tap dance as a kid! wow!

oh, and i forgot! one of the characters, Mrs. Tottenham, was play:ed by this woman! Her name is Georgia Engel

it took me a while to place the face. but then i remembered that she used to be on the Mary Tyler Moore Show!


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