22 july tues

so it was a sunday night. and i got outta work kinda on the early-ish side of midnight. CrazyCzech wanted to go to Cantina because he loves the laughing buddha cocktail there. although i do enjoy the place, i find it takes way too fucking long to get a drink there. it’s not because of the bartenders. it’s a direct result of drinks being too labor intensive. same thing happens at Rye. the drink recipes are way-y-y-y too involved.

anyway. where was i? right. Cantina. focus.

i got there first. and much to my (non)surprise, the place was closed. i know it’s closed one day during the week, (and i can never remember which day) and it always seems to be the day that i plan to go there.


so i remember that i read on tablehopper last week, that the RedRoom closed, and something else opened in it’s place.

so i go to check it out.

(later i find out that the place is called minx)

it’s okay.

gone are the red lights, red decor, red red red.

instead, it’s grey walls and what looks like french provincial-esque decor, with a couple-a dead animals thrown around for decoration. it looks like the Shabby Chic store mated with the Bigfoot Lodge. a little weird, but whatever.

i order a Citron+soda. it tastes exactly how it should. like Citron+soda.

so it’s okay.

there are a handful of people at the bar, and a few sitting on couches.

they all seem to know the bartendress. and all seem to know each other.

tablehopper and Yelp tell me that the bartenders are probably the same ones from Amber or the Riptide.


i was just at Amber on sat nite with Frank, and Twin B.

[where: 827 sutter, 94109]


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