sf explore launch

it was saturday night.

and i wasn’t working.

what the hell am i gonna do tonight?

i remembered that i got an invite to MrSmiths. a bar on 7th st that has nothing else nearby. it’s a launch party for SF Explore card. basically, you pay $X.00 to get this card which gives you discounts on food/beverage/services all throughout SF.

the restaurant i work for is participating in this promotion, because, well, theOwner is all about promotions. also, i realized that the Restaurant was providing food/appetizers for this event. other sponsors O Izayaka Lounge, colibri, and several other places that i can’t remember.

back to my story…

event starts at 8pm. i get there at 8:30. it’s wall-to-wall-to-wall asian people in their early 20s. i felt like i was at an engineering/IT convention. but they weren’t nerdy or anything. they were dressed very nicely. liek they were going to a cluuuuub.

population was about 75% asian people. strange.

i guess i forgot that here in SF, there’s a big asian population. and also i forgot that asian people love free stuff.

(overheard, from a group of well heeled asian kids)

Asian kid 1: Hey, did you expect it to be an asian-fest?
Asian Kid 2: No.
Asian Kid 3: come on, you know asian people love free stuff!!

so even they realize that there were lots of them.

the whole thing was sponsored by Stoli. open bar was Stoli, Champagne, and Heineken.

i watched the scraggly-haired bartender measure out 8 shots of stoli, as the 8 asian kids squealed with delight.

“this is going to end badly for everyone involved,” i thought to myself.

i spent the next hour or so, shuffling between upstairs loft, and street level. talking to random people here and there.

i noticed that my drink was getting low, so i tried to order another one. turns out they ran outta Stoli. so they’re pouring stoli blueberry instead. bleah. i pass. and switch to champagne.

and the bartendress tells me that champagne is no longer free. not wanting to look like a cheap-ass asian person, i agree to pay for it. i’m such a sucker!

anyway. i hightail it outta there at about 10pm. i check my txts. got a dodgeball from Frank. she’s at amber. thinking that she might be on a date, i txt her to ask if it’s ok to meet her there. no answer. i get on my bike and pedal home.

HomeSlice calls soon after i get home. she just got offa work at the restaurant. we chat for a while.

Frank txts back at 11pm. telling me to come on over. she’s with TwinB.

so i get on my bike and pedal over there.

i haven’t been to amber in a few years. you can still smoke (cigarettes) inside, due to a weird loophole in the smoking law.

i see Frank, and TwinB. sitting on the couch. we start chatting. about dodgeball. about twitter. about facebook.

then TwinB. starts talking about a vanilla vodka taste-test he did on his birthday. and we’re off.
converstaion is going a million miles, covering very interesting topics like drink recipies, names/boundaries of SF neighborhoods, social networking sites, etc.

turns out that TwinB is going to a b-day party at the Nitecap.  which happens to be 25 feet from my apt.

so i go along.

we get there, and the kids are playing some “i wanna be a rockstar” game on Nintendo Wii.  it’s kinda fun.  someone sings the Killers! (when you were young).  and i think also Beck. or maybe green day. i can’t remember.

i drink some more. and then stumble (literally) home.

it was fun hanging out with TwinB. i’ve known him for years, but never hung out with him solo.

good times.


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