day on bikes


what the hell did we do all day?

i think we rode our bikes to breakfast. (a “breakfast”, which we didn’t achieve until about 12noon.) after much deliberation, we decided on Squat&Gobble in the Castro. i’ve never been there, but CrazyCzech discovered it as he was riding home from yoga. CanadaBoy wanted eggs, so, Squat&Gobble it was!

it was a sunny day in the Castro, and all the boys were sitting at the outdoor tables. it’s so neighborhood-y! beautiful people enjoying their breakfast (or lunch), while taking in the many sights of muscle studs, old married gay guys, twinks, bears, and even straight couples.

um… then what? the master plan was to ride over the GG bridge and into Sausalito.

but first we’ll stop at Alamo Square to hang out!

it was slightly hazy, slightly windy. we hang out in front of the painted ladies:

painted ladies alamo square

painted ladies alamo square

we proceed to do nothing. for a few hours. we talk. we laugh. CanadaBoy plays with the many dogs that are running around. (at this moment i remember why i don’t frequent Alamo Square–i don’t like dogs.)

eventually, we decide that, hey, maybe we should make our way to the Bridge.

we ride via the panhandle, and make a pitstop at Fulton Market on Masonic.

we decide to get a whole roasted chicken to share. yummers.

then, a whole lot more of nothing.

we never made it to the bridge.

me and CanadaBoy headed back to my place. he did some laundry, i read some magazines, and took a nap.

whew. what an exhausting day.

it’s exhausting to sit around and do nothing!


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