a night in the mission

it was thursday night.

we’d basically done nothing all day but hang out in parks, and rode bikes around.

we decided that we wanted to go to a cluuuub.

but first to eat.

after much much deliberation, we settled on Monk’s Kettle.  previous ideas–Thai Express, Asia SF, Sushi Groove–were otherwise thwarted for various reasons.

(i was glad, because i don’t like AsiaSF.  i’ve never been there, but i have no interest in watching Asian trannies perform for me while they’re serving our food. i dunno, i’ve been to the NYC counterpart, Lucky Chengs, and it wasn’t so fun there, although everyone who goes swears its the most fun they’ve ever had. it’s just not my thing.)

okay, so we end up at:

it’s in the mission.

we have some food.

i ordered the chx sammich. also ordered at our table, was pulled pork sammich and a burger.  CrazyCzech had dessert at the same time we had our meal. she had bread pudding.

food was… ok.

burger? uneventful.

chx sammich?  pretty good.  fries excellent. but they’re the McDonald’s kind that come out of a bag. (love ’em!)

pulled pork?  well, typical pulled pork. sweet-ish tomato based sauce. on a bun of sorts. just how i expected it.

we shared a bottle of Syrah Rosé by Elizabeth Rose.  it was kick ass.

basically, it was uneventful.

not great. not bad. but i’d probably go somewhere else for that kinda food.  like the Pork Store.

the plan for the rest of the night was to head to the CatClub.

but first we stopped at BeautyBar.

it’s always fun there when i go.  (always!? –do you hear me? as if i go there all the time!)  but really. it’s fun.  it’s a hot & sweaty box of a place.  but that’s part of the fun.

some drama ensued with J our hostess at work, and missing keys, and then there was some more drama amongst the CrazyCzechs and CanadaBoy going to the bar around the corner and disappearing for an hour.

later i find out that Little Baobab was playing reggae.  i’m glad i didn’t go with them. i’m so not a fan of reggae.

i left at about 1:30 to try to get keys to J.  turns out that i too, left my keys at work.  after various txts sent back n forth to different coworkers, i realize that it’s hopeless.

and CanadaBoy and CrazyCzech arrive at my place about 2am.

we continue to drink and hold our own dance party USA until the wee hours of the morning.

no wonder i was so tired all day Friday.


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