fly the classist skies

5 july 16.47

currently on AA flight. i’m next to the galley, and watching all 6 flight attendants falling over each other clamoring to make sure that the “first/business class” passengers are getting their meals in time. i see things being heated, prepared, wine being refilled. they have 3 different kinds of bread (sourdough, thyme, and artisan) and a MENU of choices for their meal. at takeoff, everyone was served champagne. i’ve seen soup go by, and something that resembles steak, they have a choice of several different salads. etc.


i understand that they paid lotsa $$ for their tickets, (probably well over $1000) and i agree they should receive more. but isn’t it better to lower the price of all the tickets and cut out all the extra extra extras. is it necessary to have a grilled ribeye steak with bordelaise sauce in first class? these people aren’t flying AA because the food is gourmet–they go to restaurants for that!

and more importantly, why the fuck do i have to be subjected to all of this? i don’t care that they’re getting gall this stuff, but i’m in economy/standard. it’s terribly elitist/classist to be subjected to all the gaudy food preparation process, only to be offered nothing more than a non-alcoholic beverage.

all this preparation/staging should be hidden from the prying eyes of the masses such as myself.

that being said. i wonder what’s for dessert?

ok. that’s the end of my pointless rant.


**update** dessert was choice of a chocolate sundae, or creme brulee, or something with blackberry sauce!


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