jumpin the gun

friday 4 july 11:43

stolen from olvwu on flickr

(photo stolen from olvwu on flickr!)

i’m at the condo with the parents. it’s raining. we’re watching the “news”. it’s mostly background noise. the top “stories”? tips for a better burger during your 4th of July BBQ, what to do with the kids if it rains, tips for making your table setting more american, and of course, displays of fireworks all over the ares from last night.

uh… why were fireworks shot off on July 3rd?

usually, i attribute it to the weekend warriors–people who insist on celebrating any holiday on the closest weekend, because it’s more convenient.

but this time, independence day is actually on Friday. the weekend. so why were fireworks being shot off a day early?

i don’t get it.

also, it’s raining today! ( >_< )
which makes it very difficult for me to luxuriate by the pool.


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