the sounds of siren

wed 2 july

[where: 10009]

siren music fest

siren music fest

i met up with my friend Siren last night in the city. randomly, she is in NY, visiting other random friends from SF. we hung out in the east village. it was fun to catch up with her. haven’t seen her in about 8+years. she and i used to work together at the ad agency. (wow, my life was so different back then)

we started out at 7B. it’s the same as i remember. except no cigarette smoke. it’s still quite the dive, but somehow, it seems like a clean dive bar, if that makes any sense…

then we rolled on over to someplace on AveB. i remember being there once before. and Siren and i couldn’t figure out what the hell it’s called. it has a big wooden carved door, a black awning, and no signage anywhere. Siren and i decided that it was called Delia’s in a former life (because that’s what you can read, underneath the black paint on the awning).

(after consulting the web, i discovered that the place is called NoMalicePalace–i’ve totally been there before!)

here at No Malice Palace, is where i discover that Siren is divorced. wow. we also talk about the power of facebook. it’s all about facebook for us thirty-somethings.

it was kinda slow there. so we rolled on over to 2A.

2A was slow, too. we walked in and were greeted by a blast of arctic air from the overwhelmingly powerful A/C. i forget that when it’s fucking-A hot outside, the bars blast their air conditioning, and it’s walk-in-freezer-cold everywhere. funny.

we proceed upstairs, and order another round of drinks.

we reminisce of the many nights spent there with 2-20 of our closest friends, drinking till the wee hours of the morning.

ahh… youth. 20s. good times.

i think it was about 2:30am when we left. and as we walked by 7A restaurant, something led us inside.

it was food.

we shared a quesadilla and supernachos.

oh, and i had another drink.

suddenly, the bartender yelled: “LAST CALL”

and i joked and said, “wow, is it 3:30 already?”

no joke, sure enough, it was indeed. we finished up, got our check, and paid and left.

then it was off to Penn Station.

i arrived at 3:48am. great, just enough time for when i thought the next train was, at 4:14am. but of course i read the sked wrong. the next one was at 4:56 or some shit like that. so i had lots of time to wait.

on the train, i saw someone i went to high school with. i can’t remember his name, but i remember he was a year older. and he used to be fat. now he’s buff. but still very short. hello napoleon complex.

needless to say, i didn’t get much sleep, because it was about 5:45 when i finally crawled into bed…thoroughly exhausted. but content. it’s fun to catch up with old friends!


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