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spontaneous drinking

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it was wednesday morning when my phone buzzed. it was a twitter update. i figured it was one of the random people i was following.  nope.  it was from Spontaneous Drinking Night. it’s a group i found on facebook.  they’re by the folks who bring you

(i think)

anyway.  what the hell did i do on wednesday that took up the better part of my day?

oh, i went to the farmer’s market.  got lotsa fruit. and honey. and eggs. and some other stuff that i can’t think of right now.

afterwards, i decided that i needed to go to trader joe’s. i bought tons more stuff there.  AND, i brought my own bags. i’m so damn green. i’m totally saving the world, one plastic bag at a time.  think global, act local.  that’s me.

whatever.  back to my story…  focus!

this particular spontaneous drinking night event was held at the House of Shields on new montgomery st. i’ve never been to one before. and i was long overdue.

so i sent out a mass invite on facebook.  and JNayNay went with me.

the concept of the event is fun. drinking mid-week, with usually only a few hours notice beforehand.

when i got there, everyone was super-friendly.  lotsa greetings exchanged, as if we knew each other, when clearly we didn’t.

me and JNayNay talked a bit, and it was incredibly easy to start talking to people.

sidebar: i decided to be spontaneous and drink beer!  it was a boddington’s.

we met Talktative Lady. she’s a writer of sorts.  she was going to see the dark knight at 10pm. whatever.  then she ran into someone she knew. some guy.  he looked Persian.  (later, i found out i was right!)  blah blah blah. one thing led to another, and he mentioned that he’s looking for a nice persian girl.

fast forward to conversations about OwnerGuy is persian, and has a sister.  i suggested that he probably knew the family already. (he claims he didn’t). after much  and eventually, i gave him my card.  he’s totally gonna stalk us at the Restaurant. and i think he’s gonna drop in, to find out more about Owner’s Sister

so basically, we pimped out Owner’s Sister. uh oh.

but good times, nonetheless.

afterwards, we ditched Talkative Lady, and went to eat at Chevy’s.  more drinks.  this time margaritas. and food.

i suppose i eventually made my way home?

[where: 39 New Montgomery St, 94105]


hives tix!

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tues 29 july

STFU! the Hives are playing at the Whorefield! in Sept!!

yes! everyone’s favorite Swedish hard rock band!

the hives!

i’m so excited for me!!

opening band is the Eagles of Death Metal. i don’t know who they are. but i just listened to their MySpace. turns out, they’re not death metal at all. they’re either a parody, or gay, or both.

have a look.

first, the hives:

and now,

the Eagles of Death Metal:

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industry night

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one of the many things i like about living in California, is that the bars close at 2am.  thus, last call is about 1:45am, and in some places, even earlier.  this allows you to get to bed at a somewhat reasonable hour, except when you’re partying with other industry folk at a bar where they happen to be the owners.

all bets are off.

saturday night. not so busy at work.  didn’t have anything planned afterwards.  NayNay calls up the restaurant and invites everyone over there for a party. several people celebrating birthdays.

“why the hell not?”, i think to myself.

me and RobRoy get there about 12:30, after we finish up at work.  there’s a bunch of people i kinda know. but more people that i don’t know.  i start with a ketel citroen + soda.

the bartenders are a husband/wife team.  i don’t know why i’m telling you this. it has nothing to do with anything.  my brain is still scrambled from all the alcohol.

so whatever, i’m totally hangin out, drinking, meeting new people, talking with the ones i already know, etc. etc.

i check my cell phone. it’s just about 2am.

one of the kitchen guys i’m talking to tells me that he has to get to his janitor job at 4am.

cool.  lotsa time.

next thing i know, it’s past 3am.

and i’m still drinking. talking. laughing.

and then suddenly it’s 4am.

what the fuck am i still doing drinking at 4am?

it took a while to get outta there, say goodbyes, etc.

from what i can piece together, it was almost 5:30am when i got home.

i woke up on sunday afternoon at 1pm. still dizzy.

made it to work by about 3:30pm

the rest of the night was spent re-hydrating.

and monday? still a little slow.

**sigh**     i’m not 24 anymore.

Gilroy and theCruz

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Garlic garlic garlic.

garlic ice cream, garlic sausage, garlic fries, garlic chicken.

no vampires in sight.

it’s really damn hot in Gilroy. i hit some thrift stores, and became bored with the whole sitch. next stop, theCruz.

luxuriated by seacliff beach for a while.

then headed downtown. ate a little, went shopping (bought nothing). went to the boardwalk to play some video games. it’s fun to watch kids play Dance Dance Revolution!

later, i had this vision that i was gonna watch the sun set into the ocean. my plans were otherwise thwarted, due to the fact that for some reason, the sun doesn’t set into the ocean, but behind you, behind he hills. theCruz must not face directly west.

the boardwalk was trashy as hell. i’ve never seen so many neck tattoos in my life!

i walked the main drag of theCruz, and got a cookie. then i realized that it was almost 9pm, and i had to meet HomeSlice back in SF. we were supposed to go out that night.

after much txting back n forth, it turns out we didn’t go anywhere. which is just as well, because i was tired as fuck.

employment, finances and housing

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changes going on at work.

manager full time. no more waiting tables as of Aug 1. it’s okay. waiting tables makes me a little crazy.
but then again, so does managing. and so does working in general. **sigh**

along with the new position comes a change in pay structure. since my income varies, i’ll be put on a straight salary. although i’ll be working more. but i get paid vacation. but no health insurance. **sigh**

one day i’ll have an actual job with actual verified income. one day…

still looking for a condo. talked to a lender yesterday. it’s LadyF’s friend. he looks a lot like theOwner. they must all be of the same nationality. anyway, loan rules are pretty stringent at the moment. i haven’t looked for housing in the last few weeks. been busy dealing with my employment situation.

and GM is away all next week. i’m glad i’m off for 3 days next week…

i want to find a new situation.

and in other news, why are all of a sudden so many random HS people friending me on facebook?

drowsy chaperone

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thurs 24 july

STFU. i’m testing new blogging software via flickr!

went to see the Drowsy Chaperone last night with HomeSlice.

suprisingly, it was funny. and entertaining.

it starts with some guy sitting in an apt. and he’s got the blues. when he hass the blues, he usually listens to records. and the record he pulls out is The Drowsy Chaperone soundtrack.

he puts on the record, the stage commes to life, and the musical starts!

the whole while, he’s still on stage, sitting in his “apartment”, and the musical is going on around him.

every so often, he’ll pause to insert an interesting factoid about the actors, or answer the phone, or explain some sort of situation, or story.

the musical is set in 1928 during prohibition.
costumes are excellent.

there’s some tap dancing involved, too. it was very inspiring.

i think i want to learn how to tap dance. and HomeSlice tells me that she used to tap dance as a kid! wow!

oh, and i forgot! one of the characters, Mrs. Tottenham, was play:ed by this woman! Her name is Georgia Engel

it took me a while to place the face. but then i remembered that she used to be on the Mary Tyler Moore Show!


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22 july tues

so it was a sunday night. and i got outta work kinda on the early-ish side of midnight. CrazyCzech wanted to go to Cantina because he loves the laughing buddha cocktail there. although i do enjoy the place, i find it takes way too fucking long to get a drink there. it’s not because of the bartenders. it’s a direct result of drinks being too labor intensive. same thing happens at Rye. the drink recipes are way-y-y-y too involved.

anyway. where was i? right. Cantina. focus.

i got there first. and much to my (non)surprise, the place was closed. i know it’s closed one day during the week, (and i can never remember which day) and it always seems to be the day that i plan to go there.


so i remember that i read on tablehopper last week, that the RedRoom closed, and something else opened in it’s place.

so i go to check it out.

(later i find out that the place is called minx)

it’s okay.

gone are the red lights, red decor, red red red.

instead, it’s grey walls and what looks like french provincial-esque decor, with a couple-a dead animals thrown around for decoration. it looks like the Shabby Chic store mated with the Bigfoot Lodge. a little weird, but whatever.

i order a Citron+soda. it tastes exactly how it should. like Citron+soda.

so it’s okay.

there are a handful of people at the bar, and a few sitting on couches.

they all seem to know the bartendress. and all seem to know each other.

tablehopper and Yelp tell me that the bartenders are probably the same ones from Amber or the Riptide.


i was just at Amber on sat nite with Frank, and Twin B.

[where: 827 sutter, 94109]

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