who says the party has to end?

went to Lime today with Ro, CrazyCzech and HomeSlice.

Lime is fun fun fun. it was like being at a cluuuub, except in the middle of the day! super-loud music (being played by an old lady DJ!), lots of booze, hot people. an excellent way to spend a sunday.

our favorite server was there, too. Mikhail. he’s from Normandy. he’s worked there for years. it’s nice that he’s still there. and to think, me, plo, and ro used to go there back in the day, and there was never anyone there! i like to think that we were instrumental in making that place what it is today.

i had much more to say, but i can’t focus at the moment.
i must get my finances in order, for i must applicate for a BelowMarketRate condo here in the ‘Loin!

after several mimosas, we decided to watch the end of Italy v. Spain in the EuroCup 2008.

we went to the Lookout. it used to be called the Metro.

either way, we watched there… and it went into overtime, and then finally into shootout/penalty kicks. very stress-inducing. Spain won. and the next match is on wed.  Germany v Turkey.  we’re gonna watch somewhere near downtown.  good times!


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