this time, it’s not an exclamation, it’s an acronym.

Boston University Young Alumni Happy Hour

it’s funny that i’m still considered a “young alumni”.  if you graduated between 1987 to 2007, BU considers you a “young alumni”.  interesting.

the event was at Green’s Sports Bar on upper Polk.  strange place for an event, i thought.  but it was better than a stuffy bar downtown in the financial district.  this was a neighborhood.

it was fun, actually.  i met a whole bunch of other BU kids. we got along really well.

of course, we have college i common.  but also, we’re all really smart, but somewhat lazy.  ambitious, yet quite apathetic. it’s fun to meet others who share the same sensibility!

Frank and I met a whole buncha people.  discovered that i already knew one of them through a friend of a friend.

it was mostly old fuckers like me who graduated in the early 90s, and i-just-graduated-a-minute-ago-and-let’s-party-woooooooooh!!!-kids.  it’s weird to talk to kids who graduated in 2007.  they’re so ambitious. untainted. not cynical at all.  weird.

anyway. i did some networking, talked about BU. played the “do you know so-and-so?” game.

it was definitely a networking event.  good thing i brought my biz cards.  who cares that they don’t have a company name on them?

i exchanged cards with a few people.  this one girl was totally “on”.  later i find out that she’s got her own PR firm. no wonder she was talking a lot.

i joked with my new-found BU kids that me and PR girl were totally new BFFs on facebook already.   …which spawned a whole new conversation about other social networking sites (facebook, myspace, friendster, orkut, pownce, linkedin, etc. etc. etc. etc.)   we made fun of it, but also admitted to using them.

some other old fuck like myself was trying to recruit me for the FPLA or YMCA or YFPLA.

afterwards, me, Frank, and our new-found friends went to Nick’s Crispy Tacos.  I’ve never been there before.  excellent!

then Frank and I went to the Bigfoot Lodge for another few drinks.

then it was homeward, to crash on the couch, only to get up 4 ours later at 3am, with strange feelings of anxiety and career inadequacy.

that soon passed.

good times.


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