bootie SF

sunday 15 june 2:40am

went to BootieSF tonight. it was… okay.

mashups are usually very fun. but the crowd was sorta trapped in 90s goth/industrial/techno/trance, with a few overgrown frat boys thrown in there for good measure.

it’s so very SF to be into whatever you’re into, be it music/drugs/fashion choices/lifestyle, etc. and everyone is immediately oh-so-very accepting of it.

upstairs was a madonna mashup room.  all madonna all the time. that’s where all the gay guys were.  you know the gays.  they love their madge.

strangely, there’s a small “kitchen” of sorts where you can buy burritos/tacos/quesadillas.

overall, the night was just okay.  i don’t think i’d go there too too often, but once every few months could probably be fun.

i wonder if DJ Solomon is spinning again soon.  his mashups are more top 40 related.


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