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summer, everywhere else but here

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monday 30 june.  22:30

flight delayed until 23:15
on my way to NY. family obligations.

i’m stuck at the airport.  i’m noticing that many people are flip flopping around in shorts and sandals/flipflops/slides/open-toed shoes.

it’s actually quite chilly out.  and i couldn’t figure out why people were dressed so inappropriately.

Until i remembered that it’s summertime in the rest of the country! hot, humid, random thunderstorms breaking out at any moment.

but here in SF, it’s cold, foggy, and windy.  yet another reason i ♥ SF.



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so i was at Temple Nightclub earlier this evening. and who did i spot?

Chef Ryan of TopChef fame.

he’s kind of a douche.

but it was very funny that i saw him.

my new favorite DJ is DJNuxx!!


Posted in san francisco on Monday 23 June, 2008 by the Notorious O.S.C.

STFU i saw a place today in the ‘Loin.  it’s a new loft building.  well, new-ish. it was built in the early 2000s.  and it’s a 1BR.  it actually looks just like Z’s apt on Clay st.  same setup.  hi ceilings. etc. etc. etc.

and it faces the street, which i love.

only thing is, it’s BMR (BelowMarketRate).  there are all sortsa rules and regulations to get the place.  lottery system. income must be below certain amount. limits on re-selling. etc. etc. etc.

but it’s worth a try.  i really like the place.

who says the party has to end?

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went to Lime today with Ro, CrazyCzech and HomeSlice.

Lime is fun fun fun. it was like being at a cluuuub, except in the middle of the day! super-loud music (being played by an old lady DJ!), lots of booze, hot people. an excellent way to spend a sunday.

our favorite server was there, too. Mikhail. he’s from Normandy. he’s worked there for years. it’s nice that he’s still there. and to think, me, plo, and ro used to go there back in the day, and there was never anyone there! i like to think that we were instrumental in making that place what it is today.

i had much more to say, but i can’t focus at the moment.
i must get my finances in order, for i must applicate for a BelowMarketRate condo here in the ‘Loin!

after several mimosas, we decided to watch the end of Italy v. Spain in the EuroCup 2008.

we went to the Lookout. it used to be called the Metro.

either way, we watched there… and it went into overtime, and then finally into shootout/penalty kicks. very stress-inducing. Spain won. and the next match is on wed.  Germany v Turkey.  we’re gonna watch somewhere near downtown.  good times!


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this time, it’s not an exclamation, it’s an acronym.

Boston University Young Alumni Happy Hour

it’s funny that i’m still considered a “young alumni”.  if you graduated between 1987 to 2007, BU considers you a “young alumni”.  interesting.

the event was at Green’s Sports Bar on upper Polk.  strange place for an event, i thought.  but it was better than a stuffy bar downtown in the financial district.  this was a neighborhood.

it was fun, actually.  i met a whole bunch of other BU kids. we got along really well.

of course, we have college i common.  but also, we’re all really smart, but somewhat lazy.  ambitious, yet quite apathetic. it’s fun to meet others who share the same sensibility!

Frank and I met a whole buncha people.  discovered that i already knew one of them through a friend of a friend.

it was mostly old fuckers like me who graduated in the early 90s, and i-just-graduated-a-minute-ago-and-let’s-party-woooooooooh!!!-kids.  it’s weird to talk to kids who graduated in 2007.  they’re so ambitious. untainted. not cynical at all.  weird.

anyway. i did some networking, talked about BU. played the “do you know so-and-so?” game.

it was definitely a networking event.  good thing i brought my biz cards.  who cares that they don’t have a company name on them?

i exchanged cards with a few people.  this one girl was totally “on”.  later i find out that she’s got her own PR firm. no wonder she was talking a lot.

i joked with my new-found BU kids that me and PR girl were totally new BFFs on facebook already.   …which spawned a whole new conversation about other social networking sites (facebook, myspace, friendster, orkut, pownce, linkedin, etc. etc. etc. etc.)   we made fun of it, but also admitted to using them.

some other old fuck like myself was trying to recruit me for the FPLA or YMCA or YFPLA.

afterwards, me, Frank, and our new-found friends went to Nick’s Crispy Tacos.  I’ve never been there before.  excellent!

then Frank and I went to the Bigfoot Lodge for another few drinks.

then it was homeward, to crash on the couch, only to get up 4 ours later at 3am, with strange feelings of anxiety and career inadequacy.

that soon passed.

good times.

euro 2008 fever

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i love soccer. its fun to be a fan! you eat, drink, hang out with friends, etc! good times!

yesterday, i met up with Frank and CrazyCzech at the Chieftain to watch Czech Republic vs. Turkey.

sadly, the Czechs lost.     ( >_ < )


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[where: 816 folsom st 94107]

dined about town the other day for lunch. went to LuLu.

it was kickass!!

i can’t remember what the fuck i had for a starter. but i do remember that i liked it. i also started with a lillet blanc.

next course, sausage goat cheese pizza. excellent.

all washed down with a flight of rose wines. 4 of ’em!

dessert was some schmancy chocolate s’mores concoction.

love dine about town!

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