fri 23 may

[where: 2926 16th st, 94110]

went to pink last night.  DJ Solomon was playing.

i’m glad he’s playing somewhere else.  i don’t like when he plays with ChrisClouse. Chris brings the vibe down.  no one wants to dance to guitars and live music.

DJSolomon plays some good crap. creative and fun booty-shakin mashups, without being too trite.

the crowd was a little weird. lots of yellow fever going on.

and most of the kids kinda knew each other. none of them looked like they live in SF. i couldn’t place it, but by the end of the night, i decided that they were from Sacramento. they just seemd to have this air about themselves that screamed “I’M FROM SACRAMENTO!!”

music was good. and it’s a cool space.  was a little crowded for, about 35 seconds.  the club never filled up though.

apparently, Solomon’s also got a gig at Apt 24. (where the hell is that?  it’s in NorthBeach.  I didn’t know until i looked it up).  now i get it. no wonder all those kids looked like they were from somewhere else–because they were.  it’s too bad.  i like DJSolomon. but i hate the clientele in NBeach.

i see that DJSolomon is also playing at the Black&White Ball.  kick ass!


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