shout it out loud!

22 may thurs

so i feel like my voice is still a little hoarse from Cardio Karaoke the other night.

i’m getting flashbacks to songs we sang (shouted)

and i figured out why i have all these unexplained bruises! we got 2 tambourines along with the karaoke room rental. and i was a-bangin’ my  tambourine against my wrist.  then that started to hurt. so i switched to my leg/hip.  then switched to my knee.  then the other knee.  you get the idea.

it was fun fun fun fun fun fun fun!

me, eegs, ro, and annie all bounced around, jumped, screamed, wailed, shouted, and oh, yeah, we sang a little, too.

-Like a Prayer
-Livin on a Prayer
-something by Journey which i cant remember.
and many many many more.

and the encore…

Home Sweet Home by Motley Crue

we were such rockstars.

kick ass.

it’s fun to hang out with attention whores!


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