the Diegs

got back from the Diegs today.

i like it there. i totally cannot ever live there, but it’s a really fun place to visit.

we went to several places, none of which i can remember at the moment. and it’s not due to alcohol consumption! it’s due to exhaustion.

i’ve discovered that i can have a great time without drinking so much!  all i need is a glass in my hand. it doesn’t matter what’s in it.  last night, it was club soda + lime.  as long as i have a drink in my hand, i feel more comfortable.  its totally psychological!

and it keeps me hydrated!  bonus!

we hung out yesterday. didn’t really do anything.  went to breakfast.  then walked around the beach. it was still fucking-A cold. and foggy.

then we went to the taco truck on 35th at University.

CrazyCzech was reading one of the weekly rags, when he found a blurb about the best taco place in the world. he yelp!-ed it, and off we were.

food was great.  cheap too.  and the ambiance was cool.  we were in a parking lot. sitting on a folding table, with several folding chairs.  but it truly was excellent.

i think we went back to the ranch to luxuriate and nap.

dinner was at some all-natural, all organic mexican food place.  Ranchos. in North Park. i decided to be all hippie-dippie vegetarian and order the shiitake mushroom burrito.  little did i know that the shiitake mushroom was more of a mushroom cake.  it was mashed up, and had the consistency of tunafish (w/mayo).  weird.  but very tasty.

our server was wearing a bandanna as a scarf, like the hipsters do these days. i think he was some sort of American-Latino. he had really long eyelashes, which i couldn’t stop staring at.  (i’m a little weird).

then we went to Bacchus Lounge.  it turned out to be some sort of Latino drag queen night.  we stayed for a little bit. some of the drag queens were okay.  many of them were old.  but, to their credit, they did look a remarkably like 50+year old women.  so, i suppose they were successful.

we went to a bar. then to a cluuuuuub.

bars are fun in SanDiego.

everyone is so stupid, that they’re all really friendly. no one has any weird hidden agendas. they talk to you, because, well, they’re nice.  and they want to meet new people.  no one seems overly cynical.  no one is overly sarcastic. they’re nice, respectful, and pleasant. it’s so very “small town”.  it’s such a little community. and it’s funny and charming all at the same time.

i’ll tell ya though. they’re always ready to party. and we recognized some people from the night before.

good times.


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