beautiful and stupid

i arrived solo in SanDiego on monday. CrazyCzech missed the flight. such a long story….

anyway. i had some fish tacos. i drove around. found some thrift stores. eventually met up with CrazyCzech.

we started in Hillcrest area. and then NorthPark? it was happy hour at Hawthorn’s. staff was very attractive, but also very stupid. i think we stopped in at Baja Betty’s. at some point, too. i forgot it was cinco de mayo. lots of stupid drunk white people wearing mexican straw hats.

everything’s totally out of order, because we wandered around to so many places.

we were at Bluefoot Bar Lounge for a short period. so very hipster dive bar. i felt like i was in theMission in SF.

somehow, we ate dinner at the urban solace. it was kick ass! i think i had goat cheese duckaroni. (it’s mac n cheese with pieces of duck!)

and then…

what else did we do?

we went to the Hole. such a dive! some drag queen was hosting. there were burgers involved. an outdoor patio, and a wet underwear contest. ’nuff said.

san diego is fucking A cool.

everyone is so damn stupid. but so goddam tan, gorgeous and skinny.

Today (tues) i woke up to a chilly 63 and cloudy. i felt like i was still in SF.

had some breakfast, and went for a walk along the beach, and the boardwalk (of sorts)

lunch was at Hooter’s! wings were…. eh. so were the waitresses. and it was totally cloudy and cold. so NOT southern Cal-like.

uh… then i think we went to Coronado.

i’ve been there before. i thought it was a big snore. and it’s still cold.

stopped in the Gaslamp District on the way home. snuck into the omni. looked for a rooftop bar. none. went into the new HardCock. it’s like, right next to the ballpark. feels weird. found the bar on top. it’s okay…

stopped at the Park Manor Suites on the way home. there’s supposed to be some sort of bar on the top floor. i felt like i was transported to the 1930s. it was so… a place that old gay guys love. piano bar, showtunes. etc.

then we stumbled onto the Tractor Room.
OMG, it was so manly. we had wild boar spring rolls, elk sausage ravioli, salmon and rock shrimp cakes, and something else, testosterone-oriented. excellent!

um, then we went to Buffalo Exchange.

and then stopped at urban Moe’s.

and went back to crash at our place.

and then later we went out to University Heights.

Bourbon Street. karaoke night. it was snoozy. Lei Lounge was next door. good times.

then to Numbers. nothing. and then home. and here i am.

i totally need to explain more, but i’m so fucking-A tired.


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