it was 80s night at the CatClub on thursday.

HomeSlice txtd me in the late afternoon and asked me if i wanted to go to CatClub that night.

i was surprised, since she’s not the clubby-girl type. but who am i to judge?

she was going to dinner in the Portola? Anza Terrace? (i can’t remember the ‘hood, but it’s somewhere off the “M” Muni line. ) AHHH! West Portal! i knew i’d remember eventually.

anyway, where was i? she went to dinner in WestPortal at her friend’s place. we met up at Powell St station. i met her at the bar at the former padovani’s, which currently houses a one of the many King of Thai restaurants.

sidebar: lotsa bloomingdales and nordstrom employees there. and why do they take great pleasure to occupy 2-3 bar seats with their purses/shopping bags/jackets? i ask them if the seat is taken. and they snort at me. goddammit. such a sense of entitlement. no wonder many people hate shopping and dealing with retail personnel. retail personnel can be so bitchy.

where was i?


fun. lotsa thirtysomething europeans. although, i didn’t see many 20something-kids-who-didn’t-live-through-the-80s-the-first-time-but-are-here-because-the-80s-are-sooooooooo- awesome!

HomeSlice left a little after midnight (?). then i went back in to use the restroom. and promptly stayed.

then a little while later, Annie txtd me. she was on a date with the wine rep guy. they showed up, drunk. (at least, she was). and we continued to drink till the wee hours of the night.

and then i guess the club closed. (?) this is where it gets a little hazy…

but it’s totally fun to hang out with friends and enjoy your life.

good times.


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