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i’m in Flahhhh-rida. meeting up with some of the fam. it’s fun. kinda boring. but at least it’s warm here.


how i met your mother

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i love this show!

it’s kinda like “friends”, but funny. and cooler. and in story format. and in reverse. sort of.

good times.

mondo condo

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sat 24 may

i’ve been seeing more condos become available. i’ve re-started my search. i hope i’ll be able to afford one of them!

frankly speaking

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sat 24 may

went out with Frank the other night.  it was good to see her.  last, last month, when i saw her for her bday celebration (in march), we decided that we need to make a conscious effort to hang out together more.  we used to do so much more often. i dunno, i guess we were younger then, and ran in similar circles, and kept similar hours.

as it is now, she works a traditional schedule (m-f 9-5or so) and i… well, i do not.

as you remember, we went to EOS a few weeks back.

this time, we met around happy hour time at The Alembic.  it was a sunny-ish thursday, but kinda windy. i was lucky enough to snag some primo real estate up at a table up front, near the windows.

we had some cocktails, i had something called the Bentley (scotch? with Dubonnet? and bitters?), and then switched it up and had a Blood and Sand.  (also whiskey-based, i think.  both excellent cocktails.)  Frank and i caught up on lives thus far, discussing geeky techy stuff (and neither of us are very techy at all). we realized the power of social networking sites like facebook.  why don’t more people use it? it’s a great way to keep tabs on your friends (and even your satellite friends)

we discussed our respective blogs and how no one reads them.  (especially since she never writes in hers!) other stuff like dodgeball; twitter; NY vs. SF vs. LA; traveling back to NY; etc. etc. etc.

oh, we had some food at the Alembic.  fries, and bacon-wrapped dates.  (hello!) anything wrapped in bacon totally rules.

later we moved on to the teeny tiny sushi place on Cole/Carl.  it’s called Hama-Ko. Frank told me about it when we went to EOS last time.  it’s a mom-n-pop place.  and sometimes, the owner/chef is less-than-friendly to his customers.  luckily, we did good, and didn’t get yelled at!

sushi was great. i had a sashimi appetizer and 2 rolls.  (fuck! the wasabi was STRONG!!)

some more sake later, and we were finished. my experience was great.

although, i did notice that others seated around us never got menus, never got orders taken, etc. etc. for maybe about 20 minutes after being seated.

i can totally see how the yelp!-ers give it either 5stars or 1 star.


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fri 23 may

[where: 2926 16th st, 94110]

went to pink last night.  DJ Solomon was playing.

i’m glad he’s playing somewhere else.  i don’t like when he plays with ChrisClouse. Chris brings the vibe down.  no one wants to dance to guitars and live music.

DJSolomon plays some good crap. creative and fun booty-shakin mashups, without being too trite.

the crowd was a little weird. lots of yellow fever going on.

and most of the kids kinda knew each other. none of them looked like they live in SF. i couldn’t place it, but by the end of the night, i decided that they were from Sacramento. they just seemd to have this air about themselves that screamed “I’M FROM SACRAMENTO!!”

music was good. and it’s a cool space.  was a little crowded for, about 35 seconds.  the club never filled up though.

apparently, Solomon’s also got a gig at Apt 24. (where the hell is that?  it’s in NorthBeach.  I didn’t know until i looked it up).  now i get it. no wonder all those kids looked like they were from somewhere else–because they were.  it’s too bad.  i like DJSolomon. but i hate the clientele in NBeach.

i see that DJSolomon is also playing at the Black&White Ball.  kick ass!

shout it out loud!

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22 may thurs

so i feel like my voice is still a little hoarse from Cardio Karaoke the other night.

i’m getting flashbacks to songs we sang (shouted)

and i figured out why i have all these unexplained bruises! we got 2 tambourines along with the karaoke room rental. and i was a-bangin’ my  tambourine against my wrist.  then that started to hurt. so i switched to my leg/hip.  then switched to my knee.  then the other knee.  you get the idea.

it was fun fun fun fun fun fun fun!

me, eegs, ro, and annie all bounced around, jumped, screamed, wailed, shouted, and oh, yeah, we sang a little, too.

-Like a Prayer
-Livin on a Prayer
-something by Journey which i cant remember.
and many many many more.

and the encore…

Home Sweet Home by Motley Crue

we were such rockstars.

kick ass.

it’s fun to hang out with attention whores!

bay to breakers

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recovering from bay to breakers mayhem.

it wasn’t only the drinking-all-day-starting-at-8am that i need to recover from.  it’s the let’s-continue-drinking-for-the-rest-of-the-night-and-well-into-the-morning-while-singing-karaoke part that i’m recovering from…

good times.

glad i’m off tonight.

haven’t been to the gym in a week or so. gotta get on that.

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