wed 30 april

[where: 1092 post, 94109]

it was bug nite at work last night. we closed a little early, and had to pull everything off the shelves and wrap it all up. whatever. it wasn’t so bad.

i found myself finished at about 11:30pm.

so i went to Lush Lounge. i haven’t been there in probably a few months. (i suppose i could check my dodgeball history).

anyway, it was kinda fun. kinda…

there were some cool people there, about my age, hangin out having drinks. but there were also many older gay guys trapped in the late 80s. it’s hard to describe. but they still dress in really tight clothes, even though they’re pushing 50. oh, they kinda look like an International Male catalog from 1988. but that’s still not describing it properly.

bartender was cool. smiley. really friendly. he carded me, which i thought was weird. (i know i look young, but do you really think that i’m under 21??)

music was 1980s light new wave synth pop: flock of seagulls, omd, pet shop boys. stuff like that.

as thePolice wailed, “every little thing she does is magic”, from the speakers, i finished the last sips of my crown-royal-manhattan-on-the-rocks, and walked out into the midnight breeze.


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