SFIFF opening party

fri 25 apr

San Francisco International Film Festival

i worked the SF International FilmFestival opening party last night.

annie was really drunk! how she got that way, i have no idea.

she was talking to almost every guy that moved, regardless of whether he was good looking or not. after a while she wasn’t even forming complete sentences! she was a hot mess.

that’s when i thought: wow, am i this much of an idiot when i drink a lot? (probably).

i’ve been with annie several times when when we’ve both been crazy drunk… so i don’t realize how stupid i’m acting. now i see.

how embarrassing for me!

the event was at the top of the metreon. sexy.

booze sponsored by Grey Goose. excellent.

our damn shrimp&corn fritters were the hit of the night. people were lining up for them. and coming back for them. i don’t get it.

through the course of the evening, i learned that Moose’s has closed, and it’s now a place called Joe and Franks (or something like that). the manager was flirting with annie. she was flirting back. and she decided that she was gonna fuck him. (hello!)

later, she wandered off, and i lost her.

i tried to call her, and i heard her cell phone go off. dammit. it was in our box of stuff from the restaurant that i was carrying.

somehow, she made her way back to the restaurant. and we put her in a cab.

she called me this morning and she doesn’t remember most of it. but apparently, she got lotsa business cards.

probably better that way.

i was off tonight, but i picked up a shift from theBrit. annie’s working, so we can re-hash the evening when i see her at the restaurant tonight.

good times.


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