thurs 24 apr

[where: 339 taylor, 94102]

it’s a dumb name for a restaurant if you ask me.

HomeSlice and i went there last night. it was… okay.

it’s a small place. it doesn’t seem to have a bar, although i ordered cocktails. i imagine that they share the bar in the hotel lobby. see, it’s part of the mark twain hotel. a little weird. but it didn’t bother me.

decor is strangely nautical. i feel like there are big fish on the wall, fishing rods, the steering column thing that captains steer their ships with, and the chairs are “distressed”. walls are turquiose. weird. but again, i didn’t really mind.

the banquettes are big and leather. it doesn’t match with the rest of the decor–or does it?

started with the Fish&Farm platter which, at the time consisted of: deep fried sardines (?) with some orange sauce; anchovies marinated in vinegary stuff with peppers and something else; some sort of cured meat over kumquats; chicken/duck liver mousse. overall, not bad.

we also had asparagus 2 ways (grilled and marinated/cold/shaved) with a poached sonoma duck egg on top. kick ass.

also a side of ramp. i have no idea what ramp is. HomeSlice tells me that it’s kinda like leeks. i’ll buy that. it totally looked like a cross btw leeks and broccoli rabe. the ramp was sauteed, or grilled. and it had the same orange sauce as the fried sardines.

we also tried the grilled octopus… uh, disappointing. it was described as grilled octopus with frisee. what arrived was a frisee salad with bits of squishy, grilled octopus. big difference.

entree was a berkshire pork chop. HomeSlice felt it was too dry. i thought it was just fine. tasty too. it came over a bed of potatoes au gratin with gouda cheese.

dessert was carrot cake.

it arrived in a mason jar.

a little weird.

but also a little dry.

oh, and their “schtick” is that everything is local, from within 100 miles of the place. uh, tell me, how is salmon from Loch Duarte in Scotland considered “local”? many wines were from italy and other places. again… how is this considered “local”?

i call bullshit.

overall, it’s okay. i don’t think i’d necessarily go again. but maybe…


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